All of our adoptable rabbits have been spayed or neutered and given a clean bill of health by a veterinarian unless otherwise stated. We do however, adopt out disabled rabbits (ex. tripod bunnies or bunnies with head tilt) to homes that qualify.

If interested in adopting, please fill out our online form or contact Chelsea, our Adoptions Facilitator, directly at

Remember, “Some bun is waiting for you”.

Sweetpea and Houdini

Sweetpea and Houdini are two beautiful mini lops with the softest fur. They are a good natured pair who love each other dearly. While Houdini is the more active of the two, both bunnies love exploring their surroundings. Houdini has the lop ears that lay flat but Sweetpea has more control over her ears and can hold them in different positions.







Ariel and Jasmine

These two lovely ladies are Ariel (white color) and Jasmine (blue colour). They are 3 year old sisters who have a loving relationship with each other. Ariel is a wee bit smaller than her sister but tends to be the bolder of the two. Both girls are spayed and love out of pen time to hop around and explore. Little jasmine is as bold as her sister once she gets to know you.These two are in the 3 lb weight range.











Rosie is a lovely little girl who definitely looks like a Britannia Petite. She is, however, at 3 lbs, which is a tad bigger than most of that breed. Rosie is rather timid and is very vocal. She grunts quite loudly when excited or if she’s afraid. She does not bite and once she gets to know you she loves being picked up and cuddled. She would be most suitable to a home with adults.










Aline is a Dutch Lionhead mix, born July 2, 2014, who originated in Quebec but came to us via the T.H.S because of her temperament. We have been working with Aline and her attitude is greatly improving. Aline will sit in your lap forever just so you can stroke her head and body. She absolutely adores attention but would do best in a special home with experienced bunny people.

















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Little Boy Blue


Blue was found under a shed with his brothers and sister and was brought to us is September 2015 at five to six weeks old. He is a well-behaved, friendly and inquisitive little boy who loves attention. Blue has a genetic problem with his teeth; they have to be trimmed every three months. Since bunnies also have molars, it does not affect his eating.

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