All of our adoptable rabbits have been spayed or neutered and given a clean bill of health by a veterinarian unless otherwise stated. We do however, adopt out disabled rabbits (ex. tripod bunnies or bunnies with head tilt) to homes that qualify.

If interested in adopting, please fill out our online form or contact Chelsea, our Adoptions Facilitator, directly at

Remember, “Some bun is waiting for you”.



Sweetpea and Houdini

Sweetpea and Houdini are two beautiful mini lops with the softest fur. They are a good natured pair who love each other dearly. While Houdini is the more active of the two, both bunnies love exploring their surroundings. Houdini has the lop ears that lay flat but Sweetpea has more control over her ears and can hold them in different positions.






Little Boy Blue

Blue is a beautiful gentle rabbit who is looking for that special family to take him to his forever home. He came into rescue with 5 siblings and Mom and Dad. His entire family have since been adopted, no doubt because of their gentle disposition, but Blue is still with us. He is deemed special needs because his incisors have to be trimmed every three months. We were originally looking at extraction but opted against it because he is going longer between trims. If you are in the Belleville area and are interested in adopting Blue we will continue to pay for the trimming. Likewise if you opt to foster. Blues teeth do not affect his health in any way. He is on a regular diet and is a very happy little boy. He has impeccable litter box habits. Little Boy Blue weighs about 4 lbs. He so needs the special attention of a forever home or a foster family.






Bailey – Adoption Pending

This is little Bailey. He recently lost his much older mate so we think he might be a good candidate for bonding at this time. Bailey is a gentle bunny who came into our rescue with two other adults and their 5 babies. we are not sure if he is from a previous litter but he is definitely a member of the same gentle family. Bailey would have been adopted by now except he took it upon himself to bond with a much older rabbit in out rescue who has since passed. He is about 3 yrs old and a very lonely little rabbit at the moment.


















Miley is a beautiful new Zealand mix bunny with the most unique markings. He has a black head but has agouti coloured flecks throughout his body. He truly is a gentle giant and weighs about 12 lbs.









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Aline is a Dutch Lionhead mix, born July 2, 2014, who originated in Quebec but came to us via the T.H.S because of her temperament. She also has a problem with her left knee joint, which may progress to have some arthritis in the future. We have been working with Aline and her attitude is greatly improving. Aline will sit in your lap forever just so you can stroke her head and body. She absolutely adores attention but would do best in a home with experienced bunny people.



Aline 3



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Nicky was brought to us Dec 7th suffering from a severe infestation of ear mites and a bad case of head tilt. He was rolling uncontrollably and had to be supported with rolled blankets in a basket for the first few days. Nick was immediately administered revolution and started on baytril, injectable duplocillin and metacam. To date, he has greatly improved.

He is a very energetic and friendly little guy who weighs 6 Lbs. He loves to have his soft chinchilla like fur stroked. Nick will be neutered in a few months after he has been given ample time to continue his recovery. He will then be placed on our adoption list.













Reese and Oreo

Reese and Oreo are two beautiful bonded sisters who are looking for their forever homes. Both girls are very friendly though a bit shy and both are spayed. They are in the 3-4 year old range and weigh 4.5 to 5 lbs. These rabbits are extremely gentle though they could use a little more handling to help them overcome their shyness.
















Ariel and Jasmine


These two lovely ladies are Ariel (white color) and Jasmine (blue colour). They are 3 year old sisters who have a loving relationship with each other. Ariel is a wee bit smaller than her sister but tends to be the bolder of the two. Both girls are spayed and love out of pen time to hop around and explore. Little jasmine is as bold as her sister once she gets to know you.These two are in the 3 lb weight range.










Fluff ‘N Stuff – Adopted!


This blue-eyed lion head male has as much personality as looks. He’s good-natured and friendly, and he loves being groomed. He also enjoys running through and hiding in his cardboard tunnel. He would make a wonderful addition to a home where he can be shown the love and attention that he deserves.

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Sarah and Sophie – Adopted!


These bonded sisters are daughters of Haven, who was brought into the rescue pregnant about 7 months ago. They are medium-sized Harlequin mix rabbits, about 6.5-pounds each, who are both very gentle and friendly. Sarah is the more adventurous one of the pair, and Sophie tends to follow her lead.




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Haven and Hannah – Adopted!

haven-and-hannah-2This mother and daughter pair are both about 6.5-pounds. Hannah was born around 7 months ago at the rescue, along with her siblings, after Haven was rescued from outside and found to be pregnant. Haven is believed to be around 2-years old. Both are quite shy and very gentle, but Hannah is certainly the bolder of the two.



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Khalen – Adopted!


This little guy has been with us for quite a while, and it’s about time he found his forever family. He’s a mini rex, meaning his fur is velvety soft, and he’s full-grown at 5.5-pounds. He’s a little timid at first, but warms up quickly and responds well to calm and gentle individuals. While he doesn’t love being held, he absolutely adores being petted.







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Smooch – Adopted!


You won’t believe how soft Smooch’s fur is until you feel it. This charming male came from a high-kill shelter, and he’s very friendly and gentle. He’s also incredibly trusting and doesn’t mind being held.










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Laurel and Ash – Adopted!


This adorable duo are sisters and were recently found along with their mother Mia and other siblings after being dumped by the roadside. They are only around 3 months old, but are dwarf- lop mixes so they will stay fairly small even as they grow. They’re due to be spayed in mid-November and would love to find a family as soon as they can.






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Mia – Adopted!


This gorgeous 3-pound dwarf rabbit was recently found dumped by the roadside with her six little babies. Since then, she has been spayed and is settling in well. She’s a very sweet, friendly, and loving girl who deserves to find her forever home.











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Snickers – Adopted!


Snickers is a tiny and energetic male dwarf bunny with a cute, dark chocolate-coloured face and markings. He is a friendly and curious little guy who loves attention.


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 Pumpkin & Piper – Bonded Pair – Adopted!

Pumpkin and Piper 1

These two twins are brothers Pumpkin and Piper. They were born to Haven after she was rescued from outside. They both have the most beautiful red colouring – good luck telling them apart! Pumpkin is the bolder and more adventurous of the two, but they are both extremely good-natured and never stray too far from the other.

Pumpkin and Piper 2

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Priya – Adopted!

Piggles 1

With her soft grey fur and short mane, Priya the Lionhead mix is a very unique little bunny. She’s a new arrival here at the rescue, but she’s settling in well. Priya is good-natured and enjoys a nice, long pet almost as much as a treat. We’re sure if you give her a chance, she’ll win you over just like she did with us.

Piggles 2

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 Mamma and Papa Bear – Bonded Pair – Adopted!

Mamma and Pappa Bear Resized

A bunny bond doesn’t get much tighter than the one between Mamma and Papa Bear. This adorable pair was rescued from a backyard in Lindsay, along with their children. Mama Bear also gave birth to one kit six days after she arrived so these two had to be separated while Mamma nursed Baby Bear. After they were spayed and neutered they picked up right where they left off and have been inseparable ever since. All they want is a loving home to live out the rest of their days together.

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