Blackjack's Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Inc.

Smudge Bunneh’s Blog

Hewwo mah friends! Fer doze ob you dat don’t know me.. mah name is Smudge Bunneh and I is da softest, sweetest, most bootiful bunneh in da whole world! I is so sweet dat dah hoomins chose me as der spokes bun fer Blackjacks Rabbit Rescue.

Now mah dear friends today I is a bit mmph’d! Actually I is a lot mmph’d! Ya see everybun around da wescue knows dat I am da queen Bunneh so why I ask you is it dat dem is namin’ dis wescue afta anudder bun who is not eben here. Him got bewwy sick and went to da Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. Dat is his picture you see next to da name at da top of our website. Now friends I grant you da Blackjack wuz a bootiful, big, gentle bunneh and I admit dat da hoomins is correct when dey say he wuz der first bunneh and if dey nebber meeted him den dey might nebber hab learned about bunnehs and dem might nebber have started dis wescue. But c’mon! Look at mah bootiful smiling face! I ask you “wouldn’t I be dah bettah bun to have a wescue named afta dem?” Tiz a load of bunneh poop if you ask me! Mmph!