Blackjack’s Rabbit Rescue helps needy domestic bunnies find forever homes. We also give sanctuary to others who for a variety of reasons ie. health problems, disabilities, age, cannot be adopted. We rely solely on the dedication of volunteers, fundraisers and public donations to help these beautiful gentle creatures and without your help we could not exist. Please consider donating on a one time or regular basis. Remember, no amount is too small to help. Cheque and money orders can be made out to Blackjacks Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary or you can use our convenient Paypal button below.  We also accepts e-transfers. Thank you in advance from all the bunnies.

One-Time Donations


Please send all e-transfers to


Cheques or Money Orders

Mail to:

Blackjacks Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Inc.
45 Brummell Rd
Cherry Valley, Ontario

Monthly Donations

For less than the price of one cup of coffee per day, you could be helping to provide food, comfort, and much-needed medical assistance to the numerous rabbits in our care. Many of our expenses reoccur monthly, so by donating each month, you are enabling us budget effectively.

You can sign up by sending us post-dated monthly cheques, or you can sign up with Paypal for automatic monthly donations by clicking the link below!