Hoppy Tales

Below are the rabbits that we have successfully placed in their forever homes. Congratulations to them all!



Gandalph, the wizard bunny, was rescued from a high-kill shelter. This unique-looking fellow is friendly and enjoys the attention paid to him by volunteers and visitors alike, so he would make a great addition to a loving family.














Harley & Oliver

Harley and Oliver 2

Little Harley (right) and his brother Oliver are two of eight babies born at Blackjack’s after their mother, Haven, was rescued from outside. This three-month-old duo are as good-natured as bunnies can be. Harley is a little on the quiet side, while Oliver is more energetic and mischievous.

Harley and Oliver




Rockstar 2

Meet Rockstar (aka Rocky). This beautiful, gentle boy was rescued after he showed up in someone’s backyard. He is believed to be around 1 to 1.5 years old and he loves to be petted. Rocky knows his name and comes happily when called, especially after you say the word “treat.”




 Prince Charming

Prince CharmingPrince Charming is a silver Martin dwarf rabbit. He is a little shy but loves having his head rubbed and will come eagerly for treats. Prince is an active boy who enjoys playing in his cat tunnel.

Prince Charming Resized

Little Boy Blue


Blue was found under a shed with his brothers and sister and was brought to us is September 2015 at five to six weeks old. He is a well-behaved, friendly and inquisitive little boy who loves attention. Blue has a genetic problem with his incisors. They currently have to be trimmed monthly, but he is due to have them extracted soon. Since bunnies also have molars this does not stop him from eating.

Resized 4



Bessie 1 resized

This curious little cutie is Bessie. She’s a loving and energetic lop with adorable black markings and an outgoing personality, but she still knows how to cuddle. She’s found her forever home with a new bunny friend, Butterscotch.






Bessie 2 Resized Bessie 3 Resized


Autumn Resized 1

Meet sweet little Autumn. This beautiful girl has some of the softest fur we’ve ever felt and incredibly unique markings. She is a lop, but has so much control over her ears she can even make them stand straight up! We think she was taken away from her mother a little too early and she has had some hardships in her short life so far, so she is a little timid.

Autumn Resized 2

Baby Bear

Baby Bear 2 Resized Little Baby Bear was born on September 8, 2015, six days after his mamma, papa, brothers, and sister were rescued in the Lindsay area from someone’s backyard. He was the only bunny in his litter, so he has grown up fast. Baby bear is as active as he is mischievous.

Baby Bear


Gizmo Brightened ResizedGizmo is a sweet, good-natured lop who has incredibly soft fur. He’s around 3 years old and deaf, but he doesn’t let it affect him. He has now found a home with a new family.  Congratulations Gizmo, we’ll miss you!

Gizmo2 Brightened Resized



Picasso for web

This charming 9-month-old boy is a New Zealand rabbit with a sweet personality. He recently found a loving new family. Good luck, Picasso!





Corin is a Chinchilla Dwarf bunny with a calm, shy personality. He has found a loving home where he will be pampered for the rest of his years. Congratulations Corin!


Rascal and Pepper

Pepper and RascalRascal (right) and Pepper (left) were both born in late July of 2015 under a shed, and were rescued along with their parents and siblings and brought to us. These beautiful Dutch mix bunnies are both very affectionate and love attention. Rascal doesn’t mind being held and he loves having his head rubbed. Pepper is the more mischievous of the two.











Blackjack Rabbit Rescue 049

This charming little dwarf originated from high kill shelter in Quebec and came to us via another rescue. He’s an active little guy who warmed up amazingly since he arrived in September 2015. He loves attention and being held.

Zeus Brightened Resized



EiraEira is a very sweet natured Lionhead, of about 3 years old. She is a owner surrender and is incredibly smart. Eira is a bit of an escape artist. Make sure you lock her pen securely! Eira loves to follow you around the house, especially if you open the refrigerator door and she thinks a treat is coming. Be careful not to step on her. She loves her slinky.

Eira Resized


Little Red

13118862_599550770212783_5938939543454601335_nBrought to us back in April with a badly broken leg, this sweet mini rex underwent an amputation and has never looked back! Her recovery has been incredible, and her disability doesn’t slow her down in the least.




Little Bo Peep

Bo Peep 2

Bo-Peep is a beautiful little girl with lovely dark grey colouring. She was living outside under a shed at age five to six weeks and was attacked by a cat, resulting in a bad injury to her right eye. However, thanks to a kind lady who came to her rescue, she has made a remarkable recovery. She has a slight scar but other than that, she is incredibly healthy.
Bo Peep



Gideon is a calm four month old Dutch rabbit. He was found outside living under a shed. Unfortunately for Gideon, he had a run in with a cat and had his ear ripped, as you can see in the photos. He is a little shy, but is otherwise a healthy, loving bunny who likes to cuddle.

GideonResized 2