Rabbit Care

                                                        Interesting Facts About Rabbits

prince-charmingRabbits have an 8-10 yr life span. The oldest rabbit on record lived to be 16 yrs old.

Rabbits are social animals. Left alone in a cage or hutch they often become depressed and/or ill.

Rabbits can be litter trained; the same as a cat. They also learn their names very quickly, as well as words like treat, no, come, dinnertime. etc

Rabbits are very loyal, to their humans and to their companions. They will often grieve the loss of their bunfriends to the point where they refuse food and may become very ill.  Often they refuse to leave the body of a dead companion.

Rabbits are extremely intelligent. They love being an active part of a human family. Toys such as tunnels, hard plastic cat bells and balls old phonebooks, paper towel rolls and plastic slinkys all make wonderful toys for your bunny.

Rabbits need an average of four hours out of enclosure exercise daily.

Rabbits hate being alone. If you will be away a lot during the day please consider 2 bunnies.

alineRabbits are very clean. They are fastidious groomers. The only time you would ever need to bathe a rabbit is during a serious illness.

Happy rabbits do the most acrobatic jumps into the air, kicking out their hind legs and twisting their heads. This is known as a binky. A contented rabbit will often stop what he is doing and literally drop over on his side with a resounding flop. He often appears dead but his merely resting. This is a sign that bunny is very relaxed.

Rabbits are not good pets for very young children.They have frail bones in their backs and can be easily hurt, and contrary to popular belief they don’t like being held and cuddled.

Unspayed females have a very high rate of ovarian cancer.

Rabbits are very prone to overheating. They can only sweat through their paws.