Can’t adopt? Please consider sponsoring.

Some of our special needs bunnies are long term residents. A small monthly donation would help make their lives more comfortable by contributing to medical care and special needs supplements such as vitamins, ointments, puppy pads, special beds, wheelchairs etc. As a sponsor you will receive a photo of your rabbit and receive regular updates.

For less than the price of one cup of coffee per day, you could be helping to provide food, comfort, and much-needed medical assistance to the numerous rabbits in our care. Many of our expenses reoccur monthly, so by donating each month, you are enabling us budget effectively.

You can sign up by sending us post-dated monthly cheques, or you can sign up with Paypal for automatic monthly donations by clicking the link below!

Bunnies Needing Sponsors

lexusLexus – Lexus is an older Blue Otter Mini Rex. This sweet girl has developed partial paralysis in her back legs and may require a wheelchair in the future. A medical reason has not been found so she has been treated for a possible EC infection and is being monitored closely. She currently requires special attention to her grooming needs as well as a special bed.




princessPrincess – Princess is an older grey and white Dutch rabbit who has developed a weepy eye condition. Due to her age she is being monitored by the Vet with the hopes that she is not developing teeth issues.





spazzSpaz – Spaz is just that. An energetic but older tripod bunny who due to her age will remain here at the Sanctuary.




Andy and Sunflower Brightened Resized

Andy & Sunflower – Sunflower is a 3-year-old female lop who has a mild case of splay legs and is blind in her right eye. Andy has chronic dental disease, so he requires regular tooth trimming by a veterinarian. Both rabbits require daily medication for pain management.