We are always in need of the following items. Thank you in advance. Any help is appreciated.


  • old blankets, towels, flannel pillowslips
  • memory foam bath mats
  • puppy pads
  • water bottles, heavy crock type bowls for food and water carriers
  • xpens/cages
  • low sided dog litter pans (for injured bunnies) 
  • cereal boxes (for making hay holders) 
  • donations of items for garage sale or online auctions 
  • paper towels 
  • wood stove pellets (no added fuel) 
  • stuffed toys 
  • carefresh litter
  • vinegar


  • old phonebooks 
  • balls with bells (hard plastic type like cats) 
  • slinkys
  • hard plastic baby toys 
  • snak shaks 


  • Martin Mills Timothy Pellets 
  • gift certificates for grocery stores( bunnies get 1c. greens daily)


  • critical care
  • original Neosporin, unfortunately can’t buy it in Canada
  • bandages: gauze, butterfly, non-stick
  • infant simethicone ex. oval drops 
  • baby applejuice
  • pedialyte for infants 
  • 100% pure canned pumpkin 
  • Snugglesafe petbed microwavable heating pad
  • baby bathtub with solid insert